God is a Homeopath: Fall 2023 Registration

This discussion group is for anyone interested in learning more about the intersection of faith and homeopathy. We will be discussing how homeopathy can and does fit into a Biblical Christian worldview. Have you ever been told any of these things?

  • Christians can’t use homeopathy
  • Homeopathy is New Age, Demonic, Witchcraft, or Eastern mysticism
  • Homeopathy is unscientific
  • Homeopathy is placebo

Using the book God is a Homeopath and the Bible as our guide, this discussion group will touch on topics including:

  • What is homeopathy?
  • How does homeopathy work?
  • What is the scientific basis for homeopathy?
  • Is homeopathy “New Age” or witchcraft, etc?
  • Is there a Biblical basis for homeopathy?
  • Can I use homeopathy as a Christian?
  • and more!

While this group will be led from a non-denominational Christian perspective, we welcome those of any faith to join us to see how homeopathy is separate from and can be integrated with any faith tradition.

God is a Homeopath Discussion Group Details

Dates: September 26 through October 24, 2023 (5 weeks)

Day: Tuesdays

Time: 8 pm Eastern / 7 pm Central for 60-90 minutes.

Location: Online using Zoom

Registration Deadline: September 26, 2023

Required materials:

Cost: $30 course fee paid to Rooted Homeopathy, LLC plus separate purchase of the required materials listed above. Previous students may join us again for a small administrative fee. Returning students, please see your email for the discount code or contact Amanda for the code.


  • The weekly preparation will be minimal. The chapters in God is a Homeopath are very short. Please do not let the required reading keep you from showing up on a busy week. You will still be able to jump in and follow along with us. You may also want to do additional research on your own or using additional materials provided each week.
  • Sessions WILL be recorded and made available to registered participants as soon as possible, hopefully within 24 hours of the end of the meeting, each week. While I will do my best, tech glitches are out of my control and there is always a chance that a session could have recording problems.
  • If your spouse or minor child would like to join you, only one registration and tech/admin fee are needed and you can share your books.

About Amanda Pelser, PHom, H.Hom, MA Old Testament Studies

I am an avid researcher, trained in Biblical studies, and a certified homeopath. I spent my younger years pursuing a BA in Bible and MA in Old Testament Studies. This included years of study in Biblical Hebrew, Biblical Greek, Judeo-Christian culture, Biblical studies, theology, Church history, and more. I worked in a local church for several years before coming home to homeschool my boys. Much of my 30s were spent battling chronic health issues and searching for answers to those problems when modern Western medicine and allopathy failed me and told me that nothing was wrong or nothing could be done. While I found some help in functional and naturopathic medicine along the way, homeopathy was the God-led discovery that changed my life and my family. After many years of personal acute use of homeopathy, I devoted my time to learning practical homeopathy® to work on my family members’ chronic issues and eventually enrolled in the Academy of Practical Homeopathy®. Following a year of intense study, I became certified in Practical Homeopathy (PHom). I started seeing clients to help those around me with their chronic wellness goals. Not content to stop there, I began to learn more through Lotus Wellness Cottage and the late Dr. Robin Murphy’s program. This summer I completed the H.Hom (Home Use Homeopathy) certification and Planetary Bioenergetics Certificate and I will be continuing my studies toward both the Clinical Homeopathy Certification (C.Hom) and Integrative Homeopathy Certification (I.Hom) at Lotus. Using the skills and passions given to me by God, education, and personal experience, I’m uniquely positioned to walk with you through these topics regarding faith, the Bible, Christianity, and homeopathy.


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I appreciated the intimate, small group aspect of this study group. Amanda did a great job leading the group and inviting all to add their thoughts. The meetings were easy to access, and I greatly appreciated the recorded videos. Having only been dabbling in, and learning on my own (or from friends), about homeopathy the past 5 years, I learned a lot and have some great new resources because of this group. This class gives me additional the encouragement I need to continue my journey of using and learning homeopathy (along with the results I see using it within my immediate family). Thank you, Amanda, for taking time out of your days to prepare and offer this course.

Kathryn H. (God is a Homeopath)

I like the structured informality presentation of the group.  Amanda was a good leader, allowed all to express ideas, but kept the group on track. 

Mary C. (God is a Homeopath)

Next Steps

After registration, check your emails for receipts and invites to Practice Better, my client and course management system. If you experience any issues with registration or have questions, please contact me.